Van Os Healthcare is a specialized logistic company with a quality management system set up according to Good Distribution Practices (GDP).

We focus in particular on the smaller GDP transports of healthcare products (such as medicines, medical devices, nutritional supplements, etc.) in temperature-controlled trucks. These trucks are equipped for transport of pallets (up to 8 Euro pallets) and roll containers (up to 14). These transports are controlled and can be performed under the following temperature conditions 20 ± 5 C, 5 ± 3 C or -25 ± 5 C.
Loading and unloading only with a tail lift ?? This is of course no problem for us!
In addition, you have come to the right place for temperature controlled storage and cross-docking. We have also a warehouse which is temperature controlled (20 ± 5 C, 5 ± 3 C)

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We have a temperature monitoring system available for all our transport vehicles. So we can read out the temperature and door-opening times at any time of the day. This data is continuously stored in our database and can be retrieved by us to make a transport data graph for you. This way you always know that your cargo is being monitored and that an alarm is responded to immediately. If you wish, we can therefore provide a complete temperature graph of your transport.



We have several temperature controlled areas in our GDP warehouse in Bodegraven (NL) for storage and / or cross-docking of your healthcare products (such as medicines, medical devices, nutritional supplements, etc.). Storage can be long or short term. All these rooms have independent temperature sensors and are continuously monitored. The rooms are monitored via the temperature monitoring system and, if necessary, action is taken if the temperature is out of specification. These areas are also often used by our customers as a transfer point to their customers.


Our quality management system set up according to Good Distribution Practices (GDP).

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Bodegraven is very accessible due to its central location in the green heart of the Netherlands. For us, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht or Amsterdam are very close by. Distribution further through the Netherlands and / or the European Union is of course absolute a possibility at Van Os Healthcare.


Van Os Healthcare offers you a reliable, flexible and efficient service for all your healthcare product transports and warehousing, where the customer's wishes central!


Would you like more information about the possibilities of our transport service or our storage and transshipment? Please contact us via the contact form, email or by phone

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